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Westinghouse Expands Portable Generator Line to Include Compact Generator Models with Digital Inverter Technology for Recreational and Home Use

OCT 01, 2013

Westinghouse Expands Portable Generator  Line to Include Compact Generator Models with Digital Inverter Technology for Recreational and Home Use



Westpro Power Systems, LLC, the exclusive licensee of Westinghouse branded portable generators and pressure washers, recently launched two new inverter generator models, the WH1000i and WH2000i.  These units are very compact, lightweight, affordably priced for the amount of power they provide, and run quieter than standard full-sized portable generators.

The inverter generators, which were introduced in recently introduced, are ideally suited for light-duty use around the home, camping, trailers, RV, marine, tailgating, and other uses in the outdoor recreation market. They join a line of durable, efficient, high-quality portable generators and pressure washers designed and engineered by Westpro Power Systems.

The advantage of inverter technology

The WH1000i and WH2000i utilize inverter technology, which electronically regulates the generator to deliver only the power required by the appliances connected to it.  This allows the generator to run at slower speeds when not at full power output.  So, if you are only running a HDTV and electric lamp, your inverter generator will be running quieter and using less fuel.  These new generators will run for up to thirteen hours @ 50% load on a full tank (1.3 gallons) of gas (WH2000i).  Inverter technology also provides cleaner, very stable power similar to the power delivered by a utility. This consistent power output is best for electronics like computers and HDTVs.

Power in the great outdoors and at home

The portability, quieter operation, and longer run times of the inverter generators make them well-suited for the camper, RVer, boater, hunter, and tailgater. Besides providing power for recreational toys, the WH1000i and WH2000i can run small cooking appliances, laptops, cordless phones, radios, televisions, and lights. For convenient use at home, the WH2000i, can individually power a security system, computer, furnace fan, television/DVD or sump pump.

Designed for ease of starting and user-friendly operation

Westinghouse inverter generators are designed for ease of operation – helpful to the consumer who has never before operated a generator or had a bad experience with a different make from the first generation of inverter generators.

Westpro Power Systems has learned from its customers that a major concern when purchasing an inverter generator is: how easy is it to start and how easy is it to operate as well as the correct size generator they should buy to power the appliances they will need.  Westinghouse has addressed these concerns by re-engineering the fuel delivery system, color-coding all touch points a customer needs prior to starting unit and clearly showing simple icons of items unit may power.

Westinghouse inverter generators’ consumer-friendly features include:

  • Overload indicator light – illuminates red when the generator is overloaded or if there is a short circuit in a connected appliance.
  • Color coded touch points – for ease in starting.
  • Efficiency mode – when switched on, engine speed will automatically adjust based on the connected load, resulting in better fuel consumption and less noise.
  • Much improved and easier starting system due to revised fuel delivery.


  • Low oil protection – engine stops automatically before the crankcase oil gets below a safe level. The engine will not restart until the required amount of engine oil is added.
  • Lower operating temperatures due to dual fan technology. Lower operating temperatures aid in more stable wattage output and longer engine life.
  • Built-in handle for easy portability, light-weight design, and injection molded case for durability;
  • Two-year warranty with service centers throughout North America.


About Westinghouse Generators

Westinghouse Generators are designed by Westpro Power Systems LLC, the exclusive licensee of the Westinghouse brand of portable generators and pressure washers. More information may be obtained at, or Westpro Power Systems LLC, (262) 522-1450.