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Westinghouse Dual Fuel Generators Add Convenience and Versatility

AUG 01, 2018

Westinghouse has released two popular Dual Fuel generators this year, the WGen3600DF and WGen7500DF, which both come with a number of premium features. Each model comes with Push-Button Start, Remote Start, and a VFT Data Center (displays volts, frequency, lifetime hours). Of course, it is their ability to run on either gasoline or propane that makes them special.

Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) has a number of benefits over gasoline for portable generators:

  • Propane gas won’t easily spill and cause an odorous mess in your garage, RV, or vehicle like gasoline could
  • Propane is not impacted by gasoline shortages that often accompany power outages
  • Propane can be stored for longer amounts of time than gasoline
  • Propane will save you time preparing your generator for extended storage, as gasoline needs to be drained before storage

Deciding Between the WGen3600DF and the WGen7500DF

Choosing between the WGen3600DF and WGen7500DF depends on your particular application. If you have a single-AC travel trailer and wish to find a generator for dry camping (AKA boondocking), the WGen3600DF would be a very smart choice, as it would be powerful enough (30A TT-30R receptacle) for your RV and have plenty of features that add convenience. If you are looking for a generator to connect your manual transfer switch, you will need a 120/240 V option which the WGen7500DF provides (built-in L14-30R receptacle). If you have different plans in mind, find out how much power you will need and you will have a much better idea of the size that best suits you- just remember, you probably won’t be powering everything at once so come up with a realistic usage scenario or two and go from there.